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Consider Sucker Rod Caps and Plugs for Drilling Basins

Drilling Basin Protection Begins with Caps and Plugs

Did you know the Permian Basin in West Texas is one of the world’s leading sites for oil and gas production? As such, it has one of the deepest deposits of shale anywhere in the world. Sedimentary basins like the Permian basins are rich in compressed organic material that is converted into oil and gas over thousands of years. To extract those valuable natural resources from the ground, deep holes are drilled, and pumps are used to pull materials to the surface. If your company is a producer, you understand that these pumps rely on a special type of pipe known as a sucker rod. Sucker rods, in turn, depend on caps and plugs for protection.

Protecting Vulnerable Threads

Sucker rods are threaded at each end because they are designed to connect your aboveground pump to the downhole pump at a drilling basin. Typically, you can join many sucker rods together to reach the bottom of the well. Thus, the threaded ends of your pipe are an essential component of safety, security, and operational success. If pipe threads are worn down due to friction or corrosion, they may not form a proper seal, causing materials to potentially leak out. In order to protect these pipes during storage, sucker rod caps and plugs can be fitted on to pipe ends.

Dangers of Unprotected Shipping and Storage

When sucker rod pipes are not in use at a well site, they must be stored for later use. However, it is vital that Essentra Pipe Protection Technologies’ caps and plugs are also applied to maintain the rods’ integrity. These thin rods face harsh conditions during transportation and storage. Though they’re made of strengthened carbon steel, they can still be damaged from contact with other heavy pipes or from contamination by caustic liquids. Caps and plugs that fit securely over pipe ends, or that is inserted into pipe ends, serve two purposes:

1. They ensure that the most vulnerable parts of the pipe are protected from collision with other oilfield equipment.

2. They keep dirt and/or moisture that could cause threads to wear down more quickly from getting inside the rods.

The Best Pipe Protection Products

Due to recent increased Permian Basin activity in Texas, many oil and gas companies are seeking the best pipe protection products for their drill pipe and sucker rods. At Essentra, we provide only the highest-quality protectors for pipe ends and pipe threads. And as an industry leader, we ensure our products are easy to use and come with a guarantee that your equipment will remain intact during storage and shipping. Learn more about our sucker rod protection and other pipe protection products today.

Get connected with one of our customer service experts at 1-877-276-9208. You can also request a quote online as an added convenience. At Essentra Pipe Protection Technologies, we’re happy to serve you.

What Companies Need to Know About Pipe Plugs & Caps

At Essentra Pipe Protection Technologies, we understand the delicate nature of sucker rods. Like other materials used in the gas and oil industry, these rods can become damaged during storage and transport. Because these rods are often stored for a prolonged period between or before uses, it’s important to protect them from considerable damage. Furthermore, because producers save money when waste is reduced, it makes sense for them to explore all potential ways to prevent damage to OCTGs and piping products. That’s why our sucker rod plugs and caps are so important.

Easy Use SAVES in Time & Investment

Today’s oil and gas industry is highly competitive, which means producers are always looking for ways to cut costs. It’s important to consider labor costs when choosing pipe protection products, and when the installation and removal of sucker rod caps takes less time, companies save money. Our caps are easily and quickly removed or applied with simple tools, which means oilfield workers won’t have to worry about finding the right tool when a sucker rod is needed. Essentra’s sucker rod plugs’ pull-tab design allows users to easily pull plugs from couplings before use.

Our Caps & Plugs Come in a Range of Sizes and Materials

Gas and oil production sites use varying rod sizes, and the components Essentra provides are designed to fit a full range of sucker rods. These rods’ sizes typically range from 5/8-1 1/8”, and we offer sucker rod caps and plugs for various applications. The caps use low-density polyethylene (LDPE) that’s specially designed for compatibility with the most widely used sucker rods. Consider their benefits:

  • They’re non-threaded, which makes it easier to install them on sucker rod pins
  • Hexagonally-shaped heads simplify removal; common tools are all that’s needed
  • Standard sizing such as 5/8”, ¾”, 7/8”, and 1 1/8”

Sucker rod plugs and caps aren’t just simple to use, they provide an effective way to shield coupling ends from the harmful effects of shipping, transport, storage, corrosion, and debris. Contact Essentra to learn about pricing and customization options, or freely request a quote online now.

Essentra Products Are Always Designed to Protect Your Bottom Line

As opposed to seeing sucker rod plugs and caps as an unnecessary expense, many of today’s producers see them as insurance against severe damage. When rod threads become damaged, the cost of repairs or replacement may become quite high. However, when rod plugs and/or caps are used, the chances of thread damage are greatly reduced, and producers suffer fewer damage-related losses. Furthermore, because the gas and oil industry runs on tight deadlines, these pipe protection materials make it easier for workers to adhere to their schedules.

Get Started Today

Essentra is proud to provide pipe protection products to producers all over the world. Customers can always come to us with their questions and concerns, as we’re glad to help. Should your company need top-quality sucker rod plugs and caps, or other products, freely connect with us toll-free at 1-877-276-9208 for orders and information.

Capitalize on Sucker Rod Caps and Plugs

As with other OCTGs (oil country tubular goods), the experts at Essentra Pipe Protection Technologies know that sucker rods can also become damaged during storage and transport without the handy use of sucker rod caps and plugs. These rods are often stored for quite a while between uses, and damage prevention is of paramount importance. When producers reduce waste, they save money. It makes sense to consider all options for damage prevention, and that’s where Essentra’s sucker rod caps and plugs come in.

Simple Use Lowers Labor Costs

Producers must consider labor costs when choosing oil country tubular goods, and minimizing the time needed for installation and removal is a vital step in reducing these costs. Sucker rod plugs from Essentra are built for dependability and easy use; they can be installed or removed with the simplest tools. When workers spend less time finding specialized tools, the operation is streamlined and the producer increases their bottom line.

Size and Material Options

Oil and gas production sites use rods in varying sizes, and Essentra’s components are made to fit the complete range of rods. Sizes usually range from 5/8” to 1 1/8”, and the company can provide sucker rod plugs and caps for a variety of applications. These caps use LDPE (low density polyethylene) that’s specifically designed to work with the most commonly used sucker rods. Below is a brief outline of their features and benefits.

  • Non-threaded for easy installation onto sucker rod pins
  • The hexagonal heads allow for easy removal with common oilfield tools
  • Standard sizes: 5/8”, ¾”, 7/8”, 1”, and 1 1/8”

These plugs are not only easy to use, they’re great for protecting coupling ends from the damaging effects of debris, corrosion, storage, and shipping. It’s always best to contact us first to find out about color customization and pricing, or to place an order for pipe protection products.

Leading the Industry and Protecting Producers’ Investments

We’re considered the leader in oilfield thread and pipe protectors here at Essentra, and we do not take this lightly. Our innovative, high-quality products will protect sucker rods and ensure their long-term functionality. Along with our wide selection of custom and API-certified thread protectors, Essentra’s sucker rod plugs and caps continue to meet onshore producers’ equipment protection needs.

Save Money with Pipe and Rod Protection Products

Rather than seeing sucker rod caps and plugs as an added and unnecessary expense, many oil and gas producers see them as an insurance policy against damage. The costs involved in rod thread damage can be very high, as these rods have to be discarded or repaired before further use, which can hold up production. However, when rod caps and plugs are used, the likelihood of serious thread damage is close to zero, and producers see almost no damage-related losses.

In the oil and gas industries, time is always of the essence, and producers find it easier to stick to a schedule when they’re not delayed by material damage. For specific products from Essentra Pipe Protection Technologies, request a quote now, browse our products, or call us for information on our full range of OCTG products at 877-276-9208.