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Preserving Oilfield Products Amid Rising Steel Costs

Though recent U.S. tariffs on steel have raised oil and gas industry concerns, technological advancements for oilfield products still persist. In fact, it seems most apparent that during challenging times, technology becomes more and more innovative. Industry leaders, like Essentra Pipe Protection Technologies, remain diligent at finding new ways to advance industry standards. These days, oil and gas companies alone import approximately three-quarters of the steel used in oilfield products. As such, there is now a new demand for innovative solutions since the pricing for steel continues to fluctuate.

“The headline for July for the oil and gas industry discusses ‘Impact of the Steel Tariffs on Our Industry’. The recently implemented 25% tariffs on imported raw steel and steel pipe to the USA, along with quotas on steel imported from targeted countries to the USA, have definitely impacted many of our customers and could have an impact on oil and natural drilling over these next several months.” John Boben – President, Essentra Pipe Protection Technologies

Below, Essentra shares innovative ways to preserve your oilfield products, while also helping cut operational costs, and surviving the rising costs of steel.

Advantage of Digital Innovations

Producing companies have been slow to embrace the digital revolution, in part due to concerns about the privacy of information. However, the oil and gas industry is gradually implementing paperless methods of data collection and storage. Furthermore, they’re embracing technology that instantly connects the workforce, customers, and all members of the supply chain.

Companies are finding that the investment in innovative digital technology pays off in the long run by increasing efficiency exponentially. Industry experts predict that future innovations will lead to greater and more secure opportunities for collaboration throughout the industry. At the same time, digital innovations have also been found to help cut the overall cost of operations.

Continue Investing in Protective Products

Another major way of preserving oilfield products is to continue relying on advanced developments in pipe protection. To mitigate rising steel prices, the life of oil country tubular goods (OCTGs) can be maximized with high-quality protection. Protective products like packaging frames, drill pipe protectors, pipe caps and plugs, bumper rings, and many more, all maintain pipe integrity.

Essentra’s products are designed to ultimately protect pipes from damage during transportation and storage. We manufacture all our protective drilling and pipeline products from high-performance thermoplastics, metals, and polymer alloys. These materials prevent any caustic fluid from contaminating company pipes, while also eliminating contact between the pipe. When your pipe isn’t cracked, stressed, or displaying other types of damage, you won’t spend more for repairs or new steel replacements.

Hold On Until Relief Comes

Though the industry’s heavy reliance on steel remains a reality, companies continue to push technology forward. Various oil and gas industry experts are working diligently to explore new ways to utilize other raw materials that may not require steel. Until then, Essentra, and companies alike, will maintain operations and preserve current resources and technology to their maximum capabilities. It’s still uncertain if or when steel-exporting countries will concede so that relief can take place; yet, we remain watchful and hopeful.

Our ultimate industry goal is to continue increasing efficiency while keeping costs down. However, the key to long-term survival is innovation, and there is no doubt that oil and gas companies are up to the challenge of modernizing their operations when necessary. With gradual advancements in technology, material design, and hardware, companies can continue to extract resources and deliver products safely, more efficiently, and with less wear and tear on oilfield products.

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Consider Sucker Rod Caps and Plugs for Drilling Basins

Drilling Basin Protection Begins with Caps and Plugs

Did you know the Permian Basin in West Texas is one of the world’s leading sites for oil and gas production? As such, it has one of the deepest deposits of shale anywhere in the world. Sedimentary basins like the Permian basins are rich in compressed organic material that is converted into oil and gas over thousands of years. To extract those valuable natural resources from the ground, deep holes are drilled, and pumps are used to pull materials to the surface. If your company is a producer, you understand that these pumps rely on a special type of pipe known as a sucker rod. Sucker rods, in turn, depend on caps and plugs for protection.

Protecting Vulnerable Threads

Sucker rods are threaded at each end because they are designed to connect your aboveground pump to the downhole pump at a drilling basin. Typically, you can join many sucker rods together to reach the bottom of the well. Thus, the threaded ends of your pipe are an essential component of safety, security, and operational success. If pipe threads are worn down due to friction or corrosion, they may not form a proper seal, causing materials to potentially leak out. In order to protect these pipes during storage, sucker rod caps and plugs can be fitted on to pipe ends.

Dangers of Unprotected Shipping and Storage

When sucker rod pipes are not in use at a well site, they must be stored for later use. However, it is vital that Essentra Pipe Protection Technologies’ caps and plugs are also applied to maintain the rods’ integrity. These thin rods face harsh conditions during transportation and storage. Though they’re made of strengthened carbon steel, they can still be damaged from contact with other heavy pipes or from contamination by caustic liquids. Caps and plugs that fit securely over pipe ends, or that is inserted into pipe ends, serve two purposes:

1. They ensure that the most vulnerable parts of the pipe are protected from collision with other oilfield equipment.

2. They keep dirt and/or moisture that could cause threads to wear down more quickly from getting inside the rods.

The Best Pipe Protection Products

Due to recent increased Permian Basin activity in Texas, many oil and gas companies are seeking the best pipe protection products for their drill pipe and sucker rods. At Essentra, we provide only the highest-quality protectors for pipe ends and pipe threads. And as an industry leader, we ensure our products are easy to use and come with a guarantee that your equipment will remain intact during storage and shipping. Learn more about our sucker rod protection and other pipe protection products today.

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The True Value of Line Pipe Protectors

If you’re looking for an efficient way to protect pipe integrity during storage, handling, and transportation, consider line pipe protectors. The oil and gas, mining, and water industries all rely on various kinds of pipe to transport products. These products come from deep under the ground and go to processing plants and end-user sites. Although steel pipe is strong and durable, it’s not impervious to damage from caustic contents, freezing temperatures, and other factors. That’s what makes line pipe protectors, thread protectors, and pipe caps and plugs, essential to protecting pipe and its contents.

Protecting Pipe Ends

To transport oil from an oil field to a refinery, for example, miles of pipe has to be joined together. Most line pipe is non-threaded with either a plain end or beveled end. Protection for the ends of the line pipe is critical to ensuring a proper weld, particularly for beveled ends. These ends must remain in good condition in order for the welded joints to hold. Line pipe protectors work by covering and protecting pipe ends when the pipe is in storage. As such, the pipe won’t become damaged by weather conditions or rough contact between pipes.

Keeping Pipes Clean

Another important benefit of pipe protection is keeping the interior of a pipe clean and clear. When pipe-ends are left uncovered, water, dirt, debris, and even animals can get inside the pipe, all of which can cause problems. Moisture, for example, can lead to rust, which can contaminate the pipe and cause corrosion and even leaks. With pipe end covers and caps in place, nothing can enter a pipe while it’s in storage or during transportation.

Protecting Human Health And Safety

Line pipe protectors ultimately ensure that workers aren’t exposed to hazardous materials and that public water supply isn’t contaminated by leaks. The right protective products can ensure that the pipe is kept clear of contamination and debris. Devices like bumper rings and pipe chocks will keep your pipe from jostling each other during movement or transportation, which can lead to damage.

At Essentra Pipe Protection Technologies, we offer the best products suitable for all your pipe protection needs. We also ensure pipe quality and safety, so get to know us as your reliable and trusted supplier. As an API standard leader, Essentra provides only the highest quality protection. With us, there’s an assurance that not only maintains your pipe but also adheres to the highest standards of employee operations and environmental safety.

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Essentra’s 2018 Global Petroleum Show Highlights

to Jay Bookman, Essentra’s General Manager for PPT in Leduc, “The GPS show went over very well once again…” At Essentra Pipe Protection Technologies, we’re always excited to attend the Global Petroleum Show (GPS), which takes place in Calgary. Not only is GPS one of the world’s largest energy expos, it’s also the best event in Western Canada. At each gathering, energy companies of all sizes have the opportunity to network with a wide range of customers in one spot.

Essentra Booth Highlights

This year, we were happy to display a shared booth with Essentra Components of Edmonton, Canada. Our booth display consisted of customized graphics to highlight some of our most popular product lines in the industry market. Companies from around the world are still benefiting from our top-quality products like the Tector and Tector Plus line (best suited to the Canadian climate). We also showcased Ultra products for premium connections and color options; as well as stabbing guides (DS40) with displayed item information.

Networking Highlights

Essentra’s attending staff had the honor of being able to meet and network with many of our customers in the Canadian market, like Evraz, Tenaris, Shawcor, Argus, and Hi-Tech. Visiting with these companies, along with various new clients, yielded productive talks of new opportunities. In fact, each year, the Global Petroleum Show hosts over 18,000 companies from more than 92 countries around the world. Networking opportunities are quite exciting, as industry players come together to showcase technological advancements and innovative trends in oil and gas.

During the 3-day show, Essentra was able to explore some new opportunities. Even more, we were able to connect with a few international opportunities for Mexico and Australia. As with all our clients and potential customers, we look forward to developing positive long-term relationships and to serving your advanced pipe protection needs.

Hot Topic & Industry News Highlights

The hottest topic at the show this year was the discussion on the possible trade war brewing between the US and Canada. As with most businesses in the industry, everyone is wondering how this will all pan out. Furthermore, we’re contemplating how this could affect the industry as a whole, and the impact on various businesses.

As it stands, Essentra Pipe Protection Technologies and other industry leaders are in “monitoring mode” concerning trade talks. We’re all watching closely to see how and if trade issues between Canada, US, and Mexico will be impacted, especially since we hold business locations in all three countries. The NAFTA agreement is a key factor in the movement of goods between us. As such, Essentra will continue reaching out to customers, vendors, and our customs brokers to stay up-to-date with the latest news and what the impacts will be.

Want to see more highlights from GPS 2018? Learn More: Global Petroleum Show Blog

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Ensuring Proper Pipe Make Up with Stabbing Guides

When it comes to properly aligning pieces of casing, tubing, and drill pipe, stabbing guides are essential. Proper alignment of female/male connections is a key aspect of pipe protection, and stabbing guides ensure that pipe sections are properly and safely connected. When adding replacement pieces to a new drill, casing, or tubing string, they enable the safe, controlled, and accurate connecting of separate pipe sections.

Why are Proper Connections Important?

You might wonder what happens when pipe string connections aren’t secure. An improperly connected and misaligned section of pipe can compromise the safety of the entire system. It can also cause serious damage to pipe threads and other crucial surfaces. Incorrectly aligned or paired pipe sections are inefficient and can cause a complete failure within the system.

How Do Stabbing Guides Work?

A stabbing guide consists of a shell and collar. The shell’s role is to minimize metal-to-metal shock to ensure that damage to the pin and box threads and seal surfaces do not occur. High-quality guides have a polyurethane shell which is a low-maintenance and long-lasting material. Collars are generally spring-loaded torsion mechanisms that enable the user to manually open, place and remove the guides. For use in seaside locations, stainless steel collars are better suited due to their resistance to corrosion. Collars are adjustable to suit a variety of casing sizes and pipe connections.

Are High-Quality Guides Available?

All guides are not created equal, and users would do well to make sure they are using stabbing guides that are of the highest quality and reliability, yet also suited to their particular process and application. Purchasing stabbing guides from Essentra Pipe Protection Technologies means you’re purchasing products backed with a solid industry reputation for quality. It also means that your tubular connections make up safely. A high-quality guide should be extremely heavy-duty and durable. A quality standard pipe protection provider, like Essentra, will have a number of guides to choose from with adjustable latches and closures as well as various sizes to suit a wide range of applications. View all of our pipe protection products here, or request a free quote today.

Using the correct stabbing guide is the best way to protect your pipe connections during makeup and ensure proper alignment has taken place. This also ensures that your entire piping system has the utmost strength and durability, while also maintaining safety requirements and regulations.

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Transporting Pipe & Tubular Goods Without Pipe Chocks

Did you know that pipe chocks are not a luxury product, but a necessity? They’re an essential product designed to keep pipe safe and secure during transportation and to help maintain their integrity during storage. They not only protect pipe and other tubular goods, but they also help protect everyone around oilfield equipment. Drill pipe, as well as other oil and mining products, must be carefully transported and stored at all times. Pipe chocks adequately ensure that your pipe remains safe to use whenever they’re needed. At the same time, don’t allow your company to learn about the various disadvantages of not utilizing them.

1. No Security and Stabilization During Transport

Pipes need to stay in place the entire time they’re being transported. When pipe chocks aren’t available to hold them in place, they’ll move and shift when your transport vehicle makes sudden sharp turns or comes to a sudden stop. Pipes can also bump into and collide with each other without the security of chocks to stabilize them in place. These types of movements will cause your entire load to shift, which can be incredibly dangerous.

2. Increased Liability Costs & Expenses

A shifting load can quickly cause a truck to roll over, resulting in an accident and endangering anyone on the road during that time. When your pipe load isn’t properly secured, there is risk of company liabilities and lawsuits caused by injuries, damages, and catastrophes. Ultimately, no company should take chances on transporting pipe without stable and secured chocks to safeguard everything and everyone.

3. Loss of Time

Even if there were no injuries accumulated during an accident, it’s still likely to be incredibly expensive for your company. Pipe damage and other damages will need to be either replaced or repaired. All of this can cause major delays and significant losses in time and finances. Moreover, these initial delays result in even further delays in production and operation times. These significant amounts of downtime also translate into losses in profits for your business.

4. No Protection During Storage and from Other Equipment

Pipe chocks also help stabilize pipes from damaging each other and other oilfield equipment when in transit and during storage. When pipes move even a little, tiny shifts can cause them to bump into each other. As such, pipes and other equipment that becomes damaged can lead to costly replacements and delays.

Ultimately, when chocks are properly used and in place, pipes are held in stable position throughout their transport, while being stored, as well as when they’re being dismantled for operational use. Chocks are easy to apply and dismantle and make handling pipe for use extremely convenient. The stabilization and security of pipe and other pipe protection products provided by chocks will prevent significant expenses for any company. Is that worth the investment? We believe you agree.

Start with Essentra

Using high-quality pipe chocks from Essentra Pipe Protection Technologies is crucial to any drill pipe planning and operation. Pipe chocks are definitely well worth the investment due to their high safety, protective, and preventative features. Connect with Essentra today for more information and for orders. As an added convenience, feel free to request a quote online or contact us at 1-877-276-9208.

The Thriving Ocean Life Under Offshore Oil Rigs

It doesn’t seem likely that anything could survive in the ocean close to an oil rig. As it initially doesn’t appear to be a very hospitable location for ocean life. However, after taking a closer look, we quickly learn that many types of ocean creatures do thrive near and around oil rigs. In fact, these eco-friendly structures not only help ocean life survive but surprisingly thrive.

What is Life Like Under the Oil Rigs?

Many environmental organizations worry about the destruction that can occur on rigs while drilling operations and oil extractions are consistently taking place. Yet, these concerns soon subside when they realize that life always finds a way to carry on and thrive. The truth is, most of the underwater rig parts provide homes for numerous fish and other creatures. Natural corals also begin to grow on these rigs, even though it takes time for them to take root. However, once they develop, corals provide natural stability and sustainability for all types of ocean life.

Once coral and other underwater plants have started to grow, fish soon begin to live nearby and in the coral. They’re protected from larger fish and can take advantage of the plants they usually use for food and shelter that are now growing on the rigs.

As life under the rig starts to flourish, more homes are created for fish and other creatures, eventually developing a natural ecosystem and food chain. With enough time, there is a significant amount of life growing and living beneath the oil rig.

Are There Eco-Friendly Pipe and Rig Structures that Help Maintain Life?

Yes! Companies today are aware of the ocean life that develops underwater on these structures. They also strive to make pipe and rig structures as eco-friendly as possible. These structures not only preserve the natural ocean life in the area, but also help create structures that are habitable for various types of sea creatures, coral, and larger fish.

Oil rigs are built by certain standards today, and they’re designed to not release toxins or bring harmful imbalance to the ocean’s natural underwater ecosystem. They’re solid structures that, when built properly, are secure and perfect for sea creatures who need a natural habitat. Moreover, since these ocean rigs are permanent structures, sea life can also set up a permanent home. Coral, seagrasses, fish, and many other types of ocean creatures are able to use these structures to create their home and obtain safety.

How are Companies Creating Homes for Ocean Life?

Companies are constantly finding new ways to make underwater rig structures safer and more secure so that underwater habitats can remain stable and untouched, despite what’s going on above the surface. This helps to ensure that the life that has begun under the ocean rig can continue to grow as long as possible, even if the rig shuts down.

While it might not seem like an ocean rig is a great place to visit if you’re hoping to see ocean life, the reality is there’s an abundance of ocean life growing and thriving under rigs today. Essentra Pipe Protection Technologies is a reliable supplier of high-quality oilfield and pipe protection products. We work hard to ensure that our products are built to maintain natural ecosystems and that they stay preserved so that ocean life can continue to thrive under the oil rigs.

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The Importance of Tubular Handling Systems for Pipe

Keeping your company competitive through the peaks and valleys of the oil industry depends largely on the technology used, including the use of tubular handling systems for drilling pipes and other OCTGs. During handling and transport, the pipe must be carefully protected and packaged to ensure its ongoing integrity and quality.

Handling of Drill Collars, Pipe, and Other String Components

Today’s drilling rigs are equipped with mechanized pipe handling systems. In most cases, these horizontally oriented systems consist of pipe handling cranes that collect tubing from storage areas and deliver it to a catwalk machine. From here, the catwalk machine delivers one end of the tube onto the drilling floor, where it’s lifted into a vertical position inside the oil derrick.

Handling of Risers

Being larger, heavier, and more complex than drill pipes, risers must be handled with specific knowledge and equipment. Typically, risers are stored horizontally, and pipe lengths must be moved from storage bays onto riser catwalks for transfer. Riser gantry cranes are often used in storage areas. Safe handling of risers requires the use of toe-hooks that are lowered and raised within the leg structure of the crane. Interlocks and controls are used to minimize reliance on human workers, and they allow automatic operations to be combined with other oil rig control systems.

Essentra Offers Industry-Leading Pipe Protection

Essentra Pipe Protection Technologies is a global leader in pipe protection products, thread protectors, tubular handling systems, and other oilfield equipment solutions. Together, these products ensure that piping gets from the vendor to the worksite unscathed. Essentra specializes in the fabrication of pipe protection products that can be used across a wide range of industries, including those adhering to strict specifications and API standards.

Rhino® Tubular Handling Systems

Essentra is proud to offer UK and US Rhino® tubular handling system products. This durable form of pipe protection offers a safe, efficient, and economically feasible way to store and transport OCTGs. Our Rhino handling systems can be modified to accommodate a range of tube specifications and sizes, including thread protectors added to pipes. Moreover, our product exceeds all current tubular handling safety specifications, ensuring safety for end users, handlers, and the public. Because the system accommodates a range of tube sizes, it provides substantial flexibility during transport.

Excellent Service and Top Quality: It’s a Job Worth Doing

At Essentra Pipe Protection Technologies, quality is our top priority at every stage of the process. Our company’s production facility is more than 130,000 square meters in size, and this expanse allows us to utilize the latest production technologies while continually providing the most efficient services and products on the OCTG market.

Essentra has been ISO 9001-certified since 1997, and all products follow the strictest quality control standards while meeting OHSAS 18001 Health and Safety and ISO 14001 Environmental certifications. These controls ensure that we continue to provide proven, top-quality solutions for all our customer’s oil and gas industry tubular handling needs. Shop our pipe protection products online, or request a quote now.

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The Safety Features and Benefits of Lifting Bails

Energy companies are continuously looking for ways to keep costs down, and one way to do so is to make use of lifting bails. Though consumers want cheap energy, they don’t always stop to think about the many steps involved in procuring this energy, or the expense involved in doing so safely. Lifting bails are found on oilfields and drilling sites and serve a vital purpose. They help to safely remove, transport, and store equipment. As a result, costs remain low and the savings achieved by the company may be passed on to the consumer. Below are some of the safety features and benefits associated with the use of lifting bails.


One reason oilfield bails are of great benefit is they can be used in a variety of applications. Use the bails to lift drill bits, subs, drill collars, tool joints, and stabilizers, among other things. Engineers and work crews use the bails when exploring and in drilling fields. Furthermore, they are of great help in other areas of the petroleum and natural gas industry.

The bails are of great help in protecting threads from damage when a tool is being moved. This may be during the loading of the tool, while it is being transported, or when it is offloaded. Furthermore, the bails should be used when tools are stored, as this ensures the threads remain safe until the tool is needed again. In addition, the bails are often used to link cables to drilling tools.

The Benefits

Lifting bails can be obtained in different colors. This is of great help in those industries where differentiation is of great importance to ensuring the safety of the workers and the equipment. The color coding system may be used both during transportation of the equipment and storage.

Threads could become damaged during use, and this adds to the cost of the company doing the drilling. With the help of bails, the risk to the threads decreases. Over time, this helps to save a company money on oilfield operations.

Likewise, lifting bails make it easier to offload tools or remove them from storage. The threads are at risk during this time, and the bails help ensure they aren’t damaged. This is another way that companies around the world ultimately save time and money.

A lifting bail is of great aid when equipment must be lifted off the ground. The equipment is better protected during the process, and the same is true when equipment is being returned to the ground. The bail works to ensure it does so safely.

Finally, bails may be purchased in non-threaded or blank versions. This is beneficial when special tools are being used and don’t have the necessary threading to use standard bails. They can also be utilized with other items that are lacking these threads, improving safety overall.

Contact Essentra Pipe Protection Technologies for more information on the benefits and safety features of lifting bails. As an API standard leader, we’re known for providing pipe protection products and OCTGs that are both safe and beneficial when it comes to protecting life and company investments. Our professional team is available for clients around the world, and we’re here to help you determine which products are best-suited to fit each particular need and standard operational requirement. Call us toll-free at 1-877-276-9208 or request a quote online for any of our pipe protection products.

Essentra Embraces NEW Trends from the 2018 OTC Expo

The Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) is held annually during the month of May; and at Essentra Pipe Protection Technologies, we are always fortunate to join the thousands of oil and gas professionals who converge in Houston for what has become one of the largest oil and gas sector trade shows in the world. In addition to the millions of working professionals in our hometown, Houston has become an international hub for the energy sector with over 5,000 energy related firms in the greater Houston area.

This year’s conference focused in on a variety of key issues relating to the offshore energy industry- including technological advances, solutions incorporating safety and environmental concerns, and detailed summaries of regulations and economic conditions that can affect the offshore energy industry. Since the OTC ranks among the 200 largest trade shows held annually in the U.S., Essentra is excited to share some of the new trends in pipe protection innovation, collaboration, and service that we are most looking forward to providing for all our clients and customers.

Advanced Technology

Essentra team members and staff were able to test drive a computerized simulation of a manual drilling rig operation and an automatic drilling rig operation. Learning about the latest NOVOS technology from NOV (National Oilwell Varco), afforded us the opportunity to experience the number of operational steps and increased margin for error that rig operators go through when they’re performing these steps manually as opposed to using automated technology. These types of technological advancements continue to help ensure safety and quality assurance on drilling rigs. Visit NOV for more details at http://www.nov.com/NOVOS.aspx#pods.

When it comes to developing top-quality and custom pipe thread protection, Essentra will always strive to remain an API standard leader. During the OTC Expo, we were also able to discuss some of the new advancements in thread connections coming on the horizon. Essentra is especially excited to partner and collaborate with many of the key players in the pipe industry to help introduce what’s new and upcoming in the market to further provide quality protection and designs engineered with safety, durability, and reliability in mind.

Combating the Recycling Thread Protector Issue

Essentra was posed with the topic on protector recycling from other exhibitors at the conference, which is not a market we are currently in. In fact, though some of our major competitors are in the business of recycling thread protectors, Essentra is working to figure out how to combat this issue and come up with alternative solutions that avoid recycled protectors being resold for use in the field. Once again, our goal is to maintain safety and reliability of our products and equipment; this way, no producing company has to cut corners to protect their bottom line. That’s Essentra’s commitment to you!

Developing NEW Relationships

At Essentra Pipe Protection Technologies, we are dedicated to providing quality products and services. Part of what we do and how we do it involves the many complimentary businesses we work with and continue to make connections with to ensure these goals are accomplished consistently. During the OTC, we were honored to meet with various professionals and company members from around the world to discuss building potential partnerships for developing new and exciting products that could be introduced in the pipe protection market.

Connecting with Essentra

We make it easy to connect with us! For more information and insight on our company and/or our products, call us toll-free at 877-276-9208 to speak with one of our service experts. You may also request a quote online now, or browse our pipe protection products line anytime!