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About Our Rigs Around The World Page

Essentra Pipe Protection Technologies Rigs Around The World page provides the most recent available count of drilling rigs currently active in the development of or exploration for oil or natural gas in:

The rig count is in reference only to rotary rigs considered to be substantial customers of services and supplies in the oil and gas industry. There really is no difference between an oil rig or a gas rig; rather, this is simply a distinction given by name to indicate the type of reservoir being accessed: oil or gas.

The global need Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) has seen remarkable growth in the past several years. As demands for oil and natural gas surge and sustain, so do energy exploration and production activities. Consequently, so does the demand for services and supplies directly and remotely related to the oil and gas industries. OCTG products and Essentra Pipe Protection Technologies are directly and vitally related to these global sectors.

By 2030, factual-based estimations regarding the global demand for oil and energy is anticipated to increase from the current approximate 2,000 million tons of oil equivalent to 16,800 tons of oil equivalent. An astronomical 93% of this increased demand is expected to come from the major emerging markets of China and India.

As energy demands increase, so does drilling; therefore, the need for bumper rings, pipe chocks, pipe protectors, thread protectors, tubular handling systems (especially the safest available: Rhino Tubular Handling Systems) and a complete range of OCTG applications increase in demand as well. Additionally, demand increases for personnel to manage these increases (see careers in the industry).

The oil and gas industries affect our lives in so many ways. Whether you live in an established economy or an emerging economy, or whether you live in an oil or gas producing country or not, your every day life is affected by the oil and gas industry.

There are headlines as well as multiple factual reports and conjecture in the news on a daily basis; however, what is not readily available are real-time updates regarding Rigs Around The World or the history of how we have carved the path to where we are today. This history of oil and gas spans many centuries – much more than most people realize. People and events in this history contribute to the number of, and sophistication of, oil and gas exploration projects, as well as to production.

The Rigs Around The World section of our Essentra website provides this vital information to the oil and gas industry leaders, as well as individuals who are interested in this information for reasons such as research, accurate reporting, or other reasons. As you understand more about what is happening concerning Rigs Around The World and how we got here, the more you will understand the important role Essentra has in meeting the demands for OCTG applications through the most highly regarded pipe protection technologies available today.

Essentra Pipe Protection Technologies is the global leader in OCTG; and, Essentra is the global leader for the oil and gas industry and now serves the mining and water well industries as well. Consistently using the most stringent quality standards in all of our processes, Essentra has proudly maintained our ISO 9001 certification since 1997. We have also obtained additional certifications with respect to quality, the environment, health, and safety.