Rhino tubular handling system

Rhino Tubular Handling Systems

For many years, oil country tubular goods, or OCTG, have been largely standardized around a series of US API specifications with regard to pipe diameters, steel grades, and connector types. However, recent exotic methods and challenging locations have led to the adoption of so-called non-standard or custom OCTG products for certain high-risk drilling operations.

These new breeds of experimental and deep reach technologies often use equipment with slightly tighter tolerances than is found on standard sized OCTG stock. As a result, safe material handling procedures require adaptation to account for the changes in material specifications for these custom goods.

While OCTG still arrives from the various manufacturers in its traditional bulk shipment bundles, these need to be broken down into safer and more portable lots that are better adapted to the needs of the actual drilling operation. The necessity of rapid deployment always has to be balanced by the reality of dealing with these extremely heavy and cumbersome items in an environment that is often exposed to highly-unstable weather patterns.

Various tubular handling frames or racks have been developed over the years that are custom-fitted for particular sizes of oilfield drill stock. The purpose of these frames is to lock a quantity of pipe into a solid bundle that is safe to move yet remains easy to access once it has arrived at its deployment site. As an increasing amount of non-standardized OCTG comes into use, so too, must the tubular handling frames be altered to stay in conformity with the dimensions of the pipe stock.

Because a lot of this new material is developmental in nature, it is not a particularly good idea to rely upon handling frames designed and built at some distant central facility. Essentra’s Rhino Tubular Handling Systems have long been manufactured on a decentralized basis that allows for swift changes to be made in any particular lot of equipment.

While the US Rhino Tubular Handling System focuses on North American oil field operations, the smaller, yet still vibrant, UK Rhino facility services the traditional base of operations for North Sea development, as well as an increasing amount of equipment destined for other nearby European and Arctic Ocean exploration sites. With the rise of operations taking place in traditionally metric standard nations, an additional degree of flexibility in site specific tubular handling capabilities is often desired.

Rather than waiting for the specifications to make their way back to distant industrial bases and then wend their way forward to the field operations as new models trickle off the assembly line, UK Rhino Systems are built right on the European oil industry’s doorstep. Requirements can be transmitted faster, prototypes issued quicker, and full production of any necessary standard or custom lot of handling racks can be obtained with a speed that other providers cannot hope to match.

No matter where in the world operations are taking place, or what sort of drill rig is being used, Essentra’s Rhino Tubular Handling Frames are the industry’s best option when it comes to getting drill pipe in the ground safely and swiftly.

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