Put a Bumper Ring On It! Reduce Threats of Pipe Damage

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Ever heard of bumper rings? This article is a great way to learn more. Oil and gas industry experts around the world understand the importance of protecting all types of drilling and transportation components, including pipe. There are a variety of pipe protectors available to safeguard pipe inventories, and employing those safeguards is critical to prevent damage. It’s quite obvious thread protection is important, but not all organizations are taking advantage of another important protection tool – bumper rings.

Why Are Bumper Rings Important?

When pipes come in contact at any point, there is a danger of the pipe’s surface being damaged. Even a relatively small nick can create a situation leading to corrosion, which threatens the pipe’s long-term viability. Loosely-stacked pipes can also rub against adjoining pipe during transport, damaging the pipe’s surface in the process. A bumper ring prevents those types of contact and, in the process, prevents damage and the associated costs.

What Types of Pipe Benefit?

Chrome and high alloy types of piping are particularly sensitive to surface damage, which means the rings are especially beneficial for moving or storing those pipe grades. Even though the protection does not totally encase a pipe, rings create an essential gap between pipes to prevent contact. Because of the materials used for rings, any movement tends to be minimized during handling and shipping.

Is That Type of Protection Really Necessary?

With industry costs increasing and profits sagging, eliminating non-essential costs is crucial. Even though there is a cost involved when using pipe rings, that cost is inconsequential when compared to the potential damage the rings prevent. That simple fact suggests the rings should be an integral part of every company’s cost-control efforts.

Are There Other Protection Devices to Consider?

MSI Pipe Protection Technologies encourages client companies to explore additional strategies to minimize pipe damage. Pipe chocks and thread protectors, for example, are commonly employed to virtually eliminate pipe damage, reducing losses and downtime for companies.

MSI continues to be an industry leader in the prevention of damage to pipe products during shipping, storage, and installation. When coupled with the use of other products, the rings minimize damage prior to the pipe being installed and help to dramatically reduce long-term risks of leaks or other issues related to pipe damage.

Contact MSI for orders and information at 1-877-276-9208.

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