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Difference Between Thread & Line Pipe Protectors

The difference between thread and line pipe protectors may be difficult to understand for those who are not intimately familiar with the pipe protection industry. This article is intended to demystify the subject, allowing those working in the mining, oil drilling, and municipal water supply industries to make responsible decisions regarding the care and maintenance of their most essential products.

What Are Thread Protectors?

Custom thread protection consists of specialty pieces of equipment intended to protect the threads at the ends of pipe from damage during storage and transportation. They prevent dirt, dust, and debris from becoming embedded in the threads and prevent them from becoming worn out, allowing pipe threads to be transported more easily and stored safely even for extended periods of time. Essentra Pipe Protection Technologies’ custom thread protectors are made from either high-quality steel or heavy-duty plastic materials, making them extremely safe and effective even for long-term use.

What Makes Thread Protection So Important?

Protecting the threads at the end of drill pipe helps to ensure that these extremely valuable components arrive safely and wholly intact, allowing them to be installed correctly and helping to prevent material failures. When a pipe’s threads become damaged, the pipe must be re-threaded or, in extreme cases, completely replaced; this impact efficiency at the job site and cause major timeline and financial setbacks. Thread protection is exceptionally important for those working in the gas and oil drilling industries, as the pipes used for these purposes are often exposed to harsh climate conditions and rough handling.

What are Line Pipe Protectors?

Line pipe protectors were designed to prevent contamination of water and other liquids once pipe is in use. Like thread protectors, pipe line protection is usually placed prior to transport or storage of piping to prevent the inside of the pipes from being exposed to dirt and other debris. This is absolutely essential in industries that transport water intended for human consumption, as it helps to prevent contamination from rust, odors, and chemical reactions and damage from the elements prior to pipe installation.

Why Are They Important?

Line pipe protectors are essential within the water transport industry not just for avoiding damage to expensive materials but also for ensuring health and safety upon project completion. As noted above, exposure to the elements can lead to the development of rust deposits and leave the insides of pipes covered in dirt, dust, and debris. Should these issues go unnoticed, it could place those customers who will be drinking the water at the end of its long journey through these supply pipes at risk of developing potentially serious health problems.

Line pipe protectors are also essential in a wide variety of other industries. Although there is little risk to human health in the event that line pipe becomes contaminated within the mining and drilling industries, the possibility of damage to drill pipe during transport and storage still pose a threat to companies’ bottom lines. Workers within the drilling and mining industries typically have strict timelines for project completion, and damaged materials can significantly impact their ability to complete their projects on time.

It can sometimes be tricky when it comes to finding the right kind of pipe protection products for your project or supply needs. This is why it’s important to connect with the experts of Essentra; we’re an API standard leader in quality pipe protection. Contact us toll-free at 877-276-9208, or request an online quote today.

What Quality Means in OCTG Products

OCTG products must withstand grueling conditions to continue to protect pipe and drilling equipment; yet, quality is one of the most important considerations operators must make. The temperatures, corrosion, and pressure in wellbores take a significant toll on OCTGs, and if these pieces do not hold up, there can be severe consequences for workers and the local environment. There is an astronomical amount of monetary loss at stake in the oil and gas industry, and this is why the API (American Petroleum Institute) has outlined stringent specifications and standards. Read on to learn about what quality truly means when it comes to wisely investing in the best OCTG products.

Strength, Elasticity, and Flexibility

Oil country tubular goods must be strong, flexible, and elastic, as horizontal drilling has become a preferred method. Drill strings are bent over long distances at a rate of 10-15° for every 30 meters. After a 90° curve, oil country tubular goods must become straight once more. Essentra Pipe Protection Technologies’ products are made to exacting standards for maximum elasticity, strength, and flexibility.

Safe Casings

The casings or outer tubes lining and stabilizing the wellbore must fulfill the industry’s strictest set of requirements. After casings are inserted into a wellbore, they’re pressure-tested for several minutes to ensure that no leaks are present. Buyers can be assured that quality OCTG products are tested and proven to be stable and safe.

Quality Threaded Connections

Threaded connectors link individual pipe into a continuous tubing string or casing. Therefore, it’s extremely important that they’re gas-tight, as well as pressure and strain-resistant. Connections must be as strong as the tubing itself, and when operators buy with quality in mind, that’s just what they get.

Protecting Drill Pipe

In the oil and gas industry, drill pipes turn drill bits, spreading drilling fluid throughout the pipe itself. The pipe must be strong and reliable enough to withstand high torque and internal pressure as drilling fluid is expelled. Furthermore, pipe has to endure axial tension while avoiding loads from other drilling sources. Essentra’s OCTG products are designed to ensure that drill pipe threads and connections are protected and well-preserved at all times, so that operations can continue to run smoothly, safely, and effectively.

The Characteristics of High-Quality

Manufacturing of these seamless, high-strength pipe protectors doesn’t allow for the use of traditional thermomechanical welding methods. Rather, Essentra uses specialized techniques and high-quality durable elements to manufacture products with an assured level of strength. The alloying process, along with proper heat treatment, improves OCTGs’ resistance to corrosion.

Why Essentra Remains a Leader

At Essentra Pipe Protection Technologies, it is our honor to continue to help meet the increasing demand for oil country tubular goods through successful manufacturing practices, compliance, quality assurance, production, and delivery. We’re happy to offer producers an extensive line of top-quality pipe protection and OCTG products.

What’s most important to us, is that we’ve remained committed to upholding API standards when it comes to manufacturing leading pipe protection products that not only protect oilfield, mining, and water resource equipment, but also protect your company’s bottom line, while also keeping workers and our environment safe.

Give us a call today at 877-276-9208 for OCTG product information and orders; or request a quote online at your convenience.

How Stabbing Guides Work on the Oilfield

On the oilfield, stabbing guides help workers align pieces of tubing, casing, and drill pipe for female and/or male connections. These guides can be used when laying new pipelines and when connecting replacement pieces, and they are an important part of pipe protection. With these guides, users can retain control and achieve safety when connecting separate sections of pipe, and the process can be completed efficiently and correctly.

Proper Connections are Crucial

“Adequate” isn’t enough where pipeline connections are concerned. A poorly connected and inadequately aligned pipe section can create several procedural and safety risks within a system, and it can increase the chances of damage to pipe threads and other important surfaces. When pipe is incorrectly aligned or paired, downtime can increase, and there’s always the chance of a complete failure. To facilitate compliance with safety and environmental standards and to get the right performance from oilfield equipment, a stabbing guide should be used to make connections.

How a Stabbing Guide Works

Every stabbing guide consists of a shell and a collar. The guide’s shell is designed to minimize metal-to-metal shock, which can cause severe damage to pin and box threads and seal surfaces. The best guides have polyurethane shells because the material is low-maintenance and durable. Collars are typically simple spring-loaded torsion spring mechanisms that allow users to place, open, and remove guides manually. For seaside applications, stainless steel collars are recommended for their corrosion resistance. These collars are adjustable for use with a variety of connections and casing sizes.

The Highest Quality Guides

Essentra Pipe Protection Technologies is known for its drill pipe protectors and tubing thread protectors, and the company also carries a full stabbing guide selection. These guides are very heavy duty and are ideal for use on drill pipe because they are made from aluminum, which reduces weight without sacrificing durability and corrosion resistance. Guides have adjustable latches and are available in a range of sizes to suit various applications.

The best way to prevent damage to threads and pipe while minimizing the risk of connection failure, is to use the correct guides. They can ensure the security and alignment of pipe sections, and are vital components on any oilfield. With industry experience, Essentra experts can provide users with the right energy equipment and tools for the most sensitive operations. Call Essentra today at 281-890-3535.

Recognized As An Industry Leader @2016’s API Conference!

Not only are all eyes turned towards Washington D.C. because it’s an election year, but during the last week of June, the American Petroleum Institute (API) hosted their 2016 Exploration and Production Standards Conference there; providing vital information on all things oil and gas for various energy and manufacturing companies worldwide! Among the national and international attendees, was the top provider of oil country tubular goods, Essentra Pipe Protection Technologies. The meeting covered around 550 standards for each segment of the oil and natural gas industry.

It was an honor for Essentra to participate in the conference again this year, as well as to offer key sponsorship for the event! The standards established, revised, and updated at this conference were focused on industry safety, new product development, product quality enhancements, and product specifications- all to ensure the highest level of product and systems integrity in the drilling industry.

As the global market leader in oil country tubular goods, we have continued in our vested support of API and its limitless contributions to the oilfield and drilling industries. We were delighted to have an active role during these meetings to discuss and establish new industry standards for a variety of products, procedures, and policies for the oil and gas industry.

For the Summer Standards meetings this year, Essentra Pipe Protection Technologies was recognized by the API attending members as an industry leader; and we graciously accept this recognition! Our commitment to continue stepping up and pushing forward during very trying industry times is our goal and mission; and as we have for many years in the past, our support of API, as well as its established standards, remains strong.

We look forward to the years ahead, and enduring to provide high quality oil country tubular goods products to valued and prospective customers, as well as to our collaborating industry partners. Even more, Essentra Pipe Protection Technologies remains committed to ensuring that we provide customers and our company partners with the service excellence that they so rightfully deserve.

If you are in the market for pipe protection products and top notch service, shop our line of products now, or contact us at (281) 890-4595.


3 Things To Count on With Essentra Pipe Protection Technologies

When oil country tubular goods are brought up, it’s a big deal. Though they may be smaller components, logistically, they are a huge part of the project overall. When a pipe or tube isn’t functioning properly, the whole operation could be shut down until it is remedied. This is where Essentra Pipe Protection Technologies’ 60 years of experience comes into play.


This is a key factor in evaluating any company or product. All of the products made here are designed by a team of experienced professionals. As a business Essentra has many different branches. Essentra Porous Technologies, for example, is a department that handles custom fluid handling components. Why is that a good thing, you may wonder? By having diverse, but highly specialized branches, it’s possible for an innovation in one field to lead to progress in another. New on the market or not, all of their products are good quality and thoroughly tested.


All of the products manufactured are tested and re-tested for quality. In some cases, they exceed standards set by the industry. The testing includes vibration, corrosion, impact, UV resistance, and temperature testing, to name a few. They have facilities located in several countries and meet those requirements as well. In Canada thicker parts are needed, so Essentra provided a design to match those particular standards.


This goes hand-in-hand with quality. They provide high quality parts reliably, but they also do it on time. By recently upgrading their manufacturing location, they are able to provide units quickly and efficiently to the customer. In this new facility no job is too big either. With a 136,000 square-foot building, they can accommodate any project.

For oil businesses, oil country tubular goods are the backbone of the industry. They keep things running smoothly and efficiently. Essentra will help achieve your goals by providing an experienced team, good quality, and reliable timely delivery.

Essentra Pipe Protection Featured in Edmonton Journal

We are pleased to be featured in the Edmonton Journal last week:

Specialty parts supplier Essentra opens new Leduc facility

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Lifting Bails Thread and Shoulders Above Rest

As an internationally renowned leader in the light construction and distribution of essential components for use in the oil, drilling and energy industries, our high performance products such as our lifting bails, are manufactured in complete accordance with all the stipulated working and safety standards that they are required to adhere.

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