MSI Oilfield Products: New Facility is Open

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MSI FacilityMSI Oilfield Products (headquartered in Houston, Texas) has a custom constructed state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that was recently completed and opened.

MSI (operating in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Scotland) is prepared to double its previous production as well as warehouse capability.

This is important because the thread and pipe protection products that MSI manufactures are in great demand.

MSI remains committed to provide the absolute best quality products, most competitive pricing and first class customer service to our customers!

MSI has achieved a record of zero Lost Time Accidents for 1260 days through May 5, 2012

The investments of MSI Oilfield Products in high cavitation tools, large tonnage injection molding machines (and other industry equipment) in Houston, TX and in Veracruz, Mexico continues to show the commitment we have to our customers as well as the energy industry worldwide.

MSI Oilfield Products has developed the “Rhino Plus” pipe lifting system which is a record breaking and technological breakthrough for drilling rigs equipped with automated lifting arms in the UK market.

We look forward to developing the best, investing in the best, and providing the best for all the communities and markets we reach and that depend on us as market leader in OCTG thread protectors and pipe protection products.

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