Tubular Handling Systems

If I have an automated lifting arm on my rig, which Rhino should I use?
You should use the “Rhino Plus” that Essentra just designed for this use.

Can I reuse the Rhino?
Yes, Rhino can be reused.

What is the main difference between all your Rhino Tubular Handling systems?
The “Rhino Plus” consists of metal frames, plastic or wooden segments and lifting eyes, plus the ability to be lifted by an automated lifting arm. The “Rhino” is the same as the “Rhino Plus” but can’t be lifted by an automated arm.

Thread Protector Lines

Does your ULTRA premium series thread protector meet industry standards?
Yes, the Essentra ULTRA meets and exceeds all major oil company and premium thread manufacturers’ specifications and is tested to meet Shell, Exxon Mobil, US Steel and all premium thread manufacturers’ specifications.

Do you manufacture the protectors?
Yes, Essentra has manufacturing locations in Houston, Texas; Veracruz, Mexico; Leduc, Canada and Aberdeen, Scotland.
Does Essentra offer products other than thread protectors?
Yes, Essentra offers other oilfield accessories such as bumper rings, pipe chocks, stabbing guides and tubular handling systems. Ask our customer service rep for more details.

Does Essentra offer a metal/plastic composite thread protector?
Yes, Essentra offers a metal/plastic composite thread protector in large OD sizes 6 5/8” through 20” for premium and API applications.

Do Essentra thread protectors hold up well in extreme conditions?
Yes, The thread protectors are manufactured with HDPE that has a UV inhibitor for long term protection from sunlight and UV degradation. The Essentra Magnum and ULTRA protectors are tested to industry standards and specifications.

Is there a price difference between open end and closed end protectors?
For most items, there is not a price difference, however on some non-stock items there may be a minimum production quantity required for production.

Is there a premium charge for custom colors?
Yes, the upcharge will vary based on what our supplier charges us for small orders.

Shipping and Delivery

Do you deliver?
Yes. Essentra utilizes a variety of local delivery services and LTL carriers at competitive rates.

Does Essentra pay for the freight?
Arrangements for prepaid and add can be done, please ask our customer service personnel.

Do you keep protectors in stock?
Yes. For your convenience, Essentra carries the largest protector stock in the industry.
Do you ship the same day?_
Yes. If the order is received before 12 pm and is a stock item, we have the ability to ship the same day.

How do I know which products you keep in stock?
Please ask our customer service personnel.

ISO Certifications

Is Essentra ISO 9001 certified?
Yes. Essentra is certified ISO 9001: 2000.

Does Essentra have any other ISO certifications?
Essentra is a leader in the industry and has been re-certified in 2010 with: ISO 9001: 2000, ISO 14001: 2004 and OHSAS 18001: 2007.

Do you have a quality representative?
Yes. Please ask our customer service personnel if you would like to speak to him.


Do you offer other product besides protectors?
Yes.Essentra has several accessories like pipe chocks, bumper rings, stabbing guides, etc. Please ask our customer service personnel for any inquiry you might have.

Can you manufacture custom products?
Yes, Essentra has manufactured an impressive array of custom products for more than 20 years. Let us know your needs and we will help you develop it.