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North and South American Oil Rig Production

The recent geopolitical events in the Middle East will increase demand for oil rig production from both North and South America. The U.S. surpassed other world producers in December 2018, with Texas producing almost half of the approximately 11.5 million barrels per day. Similarly, while Venezuela traditionally leads South America in production, Brazil has stepped

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Energy Production from Texas Oilfield Basins

US oil and natural gas production are currently experiencing an unprecedented era of growth. This is largely due to the Texas oilfield basins and new developments in the extraction technologies applied. With new extraction methods, the region has doubled its daily production over the last decade. With increases in the world’s demand for oil, higher

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Pipe Protection and Proper Storage for OCTG Investments

For both offshore rigs and oilfields, one of the biggest expenses remains the OCTG equipment. This is because operators need tons of pipe to make up the bulk of a well’s infrastructure. Whether it’s for a new well completion, or improving the yield and lifecycle of an existing one, the tubes, casings, and pipes require

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Best Practices for Utilizing Tubular Handling Systems

Every well’s production quantity and total yield relies on the infrastructure used in the downhole. If any section fails due to stress, fatigue, or undiscovered damage, you’ll need to shut down the well. The pump them will then have to conduct repairs. Consequently, this can lead to both expensive rework and a loss in revenue.

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The Average Life Expectancy of OCTG

All Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) require a significant investment for well operators while oil and gas consumption continues to rise. To ensure pumpers remain capable of producing the necessary quantities, the drill pipes, casings, and tubes need to operate efficiently and according to their design lifecycles. The greater the wear on the well’s infrastructure,

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Maintaining the Integrity of Perforation Gun Threads

Whether it’s for standard vertical wells or hydraulic fracturing completions, perforation guns and their accuracy can influence the overall performance of your operation. Once casings are in place and outer cement layers are ready, a perforation gun will penetrate the well’s sides. And this is what allows for hydrocarbon extraction. Key Role in Energy Extraction

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Women in the energy industry

Women in the Energy Industry

Everyone has big dreams as a child. However, oftentimes, people still tell girls that they shouldn’t choose a certain career because it’s a “man’s job”. Even in the 21st century, it seems that women still aren’t choosing careers that are traditionally in male-dominant fields, like the energy industry. Fortunately, this trend is steadily changing. We

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Perforating gun pipe thread protection

Custom Pipe Thread Protection for Perforating Guns

In order to complete tasks, you need reliable tools that will function to the best of their ability. Why not also have the assurance of utilizing the full capability of your perforating gun by first ensuring it has proper thread protection? MSI Pipe Protection Technologies is the leading manufacturer of customized thread protection for perforating

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Drill pipe thread connections

Safety Concerns with Drill Pipe Thread Connections

When you are operating at a drilling site, your goal is for everything to move along smoothly, without any hiccups. You put trust in your equipment to get the job done, but you also want to ensure your equipment is safe and functioning at its best. Drill pipes, for example, play a key role in

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Top Elements of Sucker Rod Protection

No matter which model of rod pump you use, the sucker rod string selection and design greatly influence the yield from the well. As the sucker rod transfers the hammer action’s energy to the downhole pump, stress and pressure can cause different failures. Ultimately, this can reduce the production quantity. To ensure operations remain optimized,

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Sucker rod equipment pile

The Importance of Sucker Rod Equipment

Sucker rods ensure that well production continues long after completions. However, the grade of steel that is used to manufacture a sucker rod is highly prone to corrosion. In fact, about one-half of reported failures were determined to be due to corrosion. Whether pumpers use these rods onshore or offshore, as a core component in

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Oilfield products equipment applications

Protecting Your Oilfield Products and Investments

The Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) industry relies on many market factors, with oil prices not surprisingly being the primary indicator. As the price of crude oil rises or falls, producers cap or commission wells accordingly. A balance between the cost of production and a fair market price keeps OCTG producers on their toes. At

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