Essentra Pipe Protection Technologies is the worldwide global leader in the Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG), oil field pipe thread protection sector of oil and gas production.

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MSI Open House

Vertical Photos
planting tree forklift and men in group forklift and men man with pipe protection part man with pipe part man in jacket with pipe part
man with thread protector part  
Horizontal Photos
men greeting pipe protection facility tour MSI products MSI viewing tour from above MSI facility tour MSI Open House tour group
MSI tour group view from second floor group in pipe warehouse production facility men discuss warehouse tree planting tree ceremony
group in warehouse couple with MSI logo warehouse group office open house warehouse long building warehouse warehouse perspective view
production machinery machinery production group in warehouse Man in jacket with pipe product men viewing machinery in warehouse warehouse interior
man in warehouse men talking men talking warehouse warehouse pipe products men pipe products green pipe products warehouse
warehouse inspecting product interior warehouse Interior warehouse Open House tour Open House group Group at Open House
Touring Open House Open house group perspective group touring warehouse  

MSI Facilities

Vertical Photos
warehouse exterior stairway warehouse reception warehouse clean warehouse warehouse large door warehouse rolling door
warehouse power warehouse breaker warehouse aloft warehouse interior warehouse orange blue  
Horizontal Photos
warehouse aerial modern warehouse exterior modern warehouse outdoors warehouse exterior perspective warehouse side side warehouse
warehouse back warehouse back warehouse warehouse from outside warehouse exterior fan stairs warehosue
warehouse office warehouse office 2 warehouse office 3 warehouse break room warehouse clean empty open warehouse
long view warehouse side long warehouse interior warehouse warehouse view warehouse ceiling warehouse
power warehouse warehouse perspective warehouse to office warehouse orange    

Essentra has recently expanded its pipe thread protection technologies to the mining and water well industries.

From its world headquarters in Houston Texas and it’s regional sales, manufacturing and distribution facilities in Veracruz Mexico, Leduc Alberta Canada and Aberdeen Scotland, Essentra continues to lead the pipe thread protection services industry with the latest technologies, innovations and distribution fulfillment capability.

Today with over 100 employees, Essentra specializes in the manufacture of high performance products from commodity resins to engineering-grade thermoplastics and polymer alloys under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified quality and environmental systems.