Management & Leadership

John Boben, President

John Boben: President of Essentra Pipe Protection Technologies

With nearly four decades of experience in the oil and gas industry, including various management positions with Spang and Company, Reed Tubular, Baker Hughes, and ICO Oilfield Services, Boben has led Essentra Pipe Protection Technologies (formerly known as MSI Pipe Protection Technology) since 1994.

“Since 1980, for over 30 years, Essentra Pipe Protection Technologies has been a leader in our industry, developing new products to protect our customers’ investments in tubular products to service energy needs around the world. We have grown from having a single thread protector manufacturing plant in Houston, Texas, to a company with production facilities in four countries around the world,” said Boben.

Essentra Pipe Protection Technologies Management Team

“Essentra Pipe Protection Technologies has been serving our customers and our industry for over 30 years, and we will be here for our customers providing superior products and customer service for many years to come.”