This information is to help our customers, distributors, and colleagues understand why Filtrona PLC has rebranded to Essentra PLC. Here we provide information about our company-wide rebranding efforts, and the importance and value this initiative brings to our company, our customers, distributors, and colleagues. If your specific question is not answered here, please feel free to contact us.

Essentra, an abstract name, was specifically chosen to capture what each of Filtrona’s businesses manufacture and supply; namely, millions of small – but essential – components which play critical enabling roles in the products of our customers, everywhere and every day. The selection of a new brand for Filtrona took well over a year of planning, extensive research and testing, with the realization that the new identity of Essentra best represents the Company’s activities and products.

As part of our Vision 2015 strategy, we have progressively created a more unified culture, and have been working together in a more coordinated way across the Company rather than down the divisions, so as to leverage our Company’s collective skills and capabilities more effectively.

The Essentra brand has been adopted by each of Filtrona’s businesses, representing a change from the previous situation where the Filtrona name and logo was used by some, but not all. With the adoption of the new Essentra brand identity as of the end of 2013, as an industry leader, we have been able to realize important and logical milestones on the Company’s pathway to achieving its Vision 2015 objectives.

Rebranding took place on October 14, 2013 across all of our sites, with great success. Rebranding from Filtrona to Essentra has shown to have the following benefits:

For our customers
Greater visibility as to the benefits of the Company’s entire product and service offerings, and a more coordinated communication behind a single visual identity.

For our people
A more cohesive and engaging culture, aligned around a vibrant, forward-looking and dynamic corporate brand.

For our investors
A common platform behind which the entire organization can mobilize to deliver sustained balanced profitable growth.

The following are helpful answers to some of the most frequently asked questions which were received during the rebranding process:

Will the bank details change?

The name will change but the account details and number will not

Can you delay the name change? Or can you continue to bill under old company name until I update the new company name in my system?

We will be changing over to our new name on October 14, 2013, and our systems will not be able to bill under our old names after this date. We hope that by giving 11 weeks’ notice, most customers and suppliers will be able to update their systems where necessary.

What will happen to the credits in my account?

All details on our systems will remain the same, and so these will continue where relevant.

Will I receive new marketing materials with Essentra name and logo?

We will be providing a wide range of materials with the new Essentra brand in place. The marketing materials will be updated on October 14, 2013 and we will be providing access to these new materials as of that date. We will also provide access to the logo for use after the October 14, 2013 brand launch.

Do I pay MSI or Essentra for old invoices?

We can accept payment under either name for a limited time period. All payments should be made to Essentra after December 31, 2013.

My clients only know MSI products. Can you keep this company name in my region?

No – We are proud of our name and history, and all Essentra companies will move to their new name in October 2013, and the company brands will change; however, our existing product brands will remain.

When will customers, agents, and distributors get an official letter to tell them about the launch of the new Essentra brand?

An official announcement letter will be sent to customers, agents, and distributors the first week of August 2013. This will be the start of communications and we will add information to our website and work with sales and customer services to answer specific needs as we move forward.

Will you still have the same phone number and fax number and email addresses?

Our phone numbers will remain the same. We will be moving emails to the new domain. These will be activated from October 14, 2013 and for a defined period, our old email addresses will still continue. All emails sent after the October 14, 2013 will use the domain.

Will my contact people change? Will I have a new salesperson or new Customer Service contact?

No, your contacts will remain the same.