Towels and Rags

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Shop Towels & Rags

Essentra shop towels and rags are the economical choice for wiping, polishing, and general purpose cleaning. Our shop towels are new, washed, materials including 100% white cotton in addition to mixed-color and white knits. Essentra’s low cost shop rag offering is made from 100% reclaimed polo knit material that has been screened, sorted and scanned. All of our cost-effective options are offered in convenient 20 lb. and 45 lb. boxes.

Shop Towels

New washed knit towels are screened, sorted, and scanned and are available in white or mixed-colors. These durable, soft and absorbent knit towels are supplied in manageable 20 lb. and 45 lb. boxes. Essentra knit shop towels are cost-effective and commonly used in machine shops, threading facilities, pipe mills, drilling rigs and general industrial environments. Our 100% premium cotton washed knit towels are made of new material and extremely absorbent on jobs where quality is of high importance.

Shop Rags

Essentra’s shop rags are made of 100% environmentally friendly, recycled, polo knit fabric. This low-lint all-purpose rag is a cost-effective and durable material that is highly effective at absorbing grease, oil, paint, chemicals and other industrial spills. Our multi-color recycled polo knit rags are screened, sorted, and scanned with buttons and zippers removed. This high quality, inexpensive option is available in 20 lb. and 45 lb. boxes.