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Texas oil rig count

2019 Projections for Oil Rigs & Production

Leading up to 2019, the oil and gas growth in the United States has steadily increased. Most of this growth has been attributed to an area known as the Permian Basin in West Texas. In fact, more than 40 percent of America’s active oil rigs are in this region. However, when it comes to sustainable

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Essentra Pipe Protection Technologies' New Website

Introducing Essentra’s New Pipe Protection Website

Great news! Essentra has just launched an innovative, interactive, and responsive website that exemplifies our commitment to quality assurance and service excellence. Furthermore, we’re excited to introduce this site to our valued customers and partners. Why? Well, our new pipe protection technologies website is an online tool that provides solutions that ultimately meet your needs.

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Happy Holidays from Essentra

Warm Holiday Wishes From Essentra Pipe Protection

Happy Holidays and Warm Wishes to you from our entire team at Essentra Pipe Protection Technologies. As a company, we’re thankful for an awesome 2018 and look forward to what the New Year will bring. Thanks to you, Essentra was able to participate in multiple volunteer service opportunities around the world this year. Moreover, we

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Pipe Protection Water Well Drilling

How Pipe Protection and Other Factors Keep Water Safe

With nearly 13 million U.S. households relying on private wells for their drinking water, many more wells are drilled annually. And one of the biggest concerns with water wells is avoiding contamination. Fortunately, if a well is constructed correctly, and drilling equipment has proper pipe protection, contamination is easy to avoid. Below, are a few

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